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Standard 2: Teaching, learning and assessments

Indicators addressed:

  • b. Coach teachers in and model design and implementation of technology-enhanced learning experiences using a variety of research based, learner-centered instructional strategies and assessment tools to address the diverse needs and interests of all students
  • e. Coach teachers in and model design and implementation of technology-enhanced learning experiences using differentiation, including adjusting content, process, product, and learning environment based upon student readiness levels, learning styles, interests, and personal goals

The Artifact:

A UDL Lesson Plan
A Professional Development in Online Assessment


The first artifact is a model lesson plan I designed for a science class using the principals of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) which research shows, by implementing flexible methods of learning can greatly enhance individualized instruction. I chose Cell Parts because, while it is a common theme in biology, it is abstract and so can be hard for students to achieve full comprehension. UDL is a form of organizing a class that allows for differentiated instruction and increased authentic assessment. It results in greater inclusiveness and outcomes in a diverse classroom. If I am to promote 21st Century learning, having a working model of UDL is key. I have shared this lesson plan as a model on my Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts. I have also given this lesson plan to science teachers whom I worked with this semester

The second artifact is a write-up of a professional development session I led on using online assessment in the classroom. This presentation was given to six teachers from a high school academy. The use of hands-on practice and the collaborative approach to my presentation made it highly effective for the teachers involved. As ISTE Coaches, we need to promote the tools for classrooms that revolutionize teaching and learning. This presentation had an immediate impact on the classrooms of several teachers, who let me know they were implementing or preparing to implement online quizzes as a means of formative assessment in their classrooms in follow-up surveys.

These artifacts show that I have specifically implemented indicators d. and e. of this section.