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Meetings for Coaching Project:

  • Feb 23 - Needs Assessment: Finding teachers to Coach was not easy, and our first meeting was not until Feb 23. We discussed needs and made plans to meet on the 28th to plan. Of the original group, one participated.
  • Feb 28th (via Skype). Introduced Edublog and walked teacher through creating account. Teacher agreed to create a accounts for a class as a test. Teacher was nervous about student’s posting inappropriate things to blog. We discussed accountability and ground rules.
  • March 10 - Meeting was delayed. Class now had accounts. Students created own accounts blogs. Some names were very "creative". A few had to be recreated with more appropriate names.
  • March 22 - The school’s spring break was from March 13-24 (two weeks!). The unit after break is on bullying. We agreed to meet over break to discuss topics for blogs. Students were to take 15 minutes to write blog, and the next day, respond to two blogs.
  • March 27-31 - Teacher has students post and respond to blogs for a week following unit. Students used iPads to blog.
  • April 13 Final meeting, discussed project, outcomes, future direction.