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In a review of the past 18 months, I can see that I have grown exponentially in terms of my knowledge of and appreciation for technology in the educational process. Despite my growth, I still have much improvement to make to become a truly effective coach. Below I outline two specific areas where I plan to focus my efforts in the coming months.

I plan to seek out employment that will make effective use of my new skills. Whether it be at a district office working with teachers, or in a private curriculum writing company creating the tools they need, I have discovered a passion for promoting technology in curriculum. Thuis program has also restored my excitement for what is happening in todays classroom. Perhaps I will consider returning to direct instruction as well.

I will continue to create, plan and present professional development opportunities. My favorite part of this program was learning about technology, and “paying it forward” with my technology knowledge and skills. I plan to continue planning and leading future sessions on instructional technology and technological resources. I must also continue to further my own technology content knowledge. This goal will help me continue to grow in ISTE-C standards 4 and 6.

Improve the development and implementation of student technological tools. In the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) era, it is critical that teachers prepare students for web-based testing. In addition, it is vital that learners know how to integrate their learning into the technology with which they need to be familiar. Therefore, I plan to locate and help implement web-based tools and resources that teachers and students can use to complete these CCSS assessments. As such, I will need to spend time keeping abreast of new technologies and best practices that support student learning. These actions will help me demonstrate competence in ISTE-C standard 3.