8: Facebook Profile


Kenneth Styner

My Facebook(medium sized)

Kenneth Styner

The background(medium sized)

Kenneth Styner

Profile Picture(full sized)

My First Photoshop Project

Photoshop Picture One

  1. Save Your picture by selecting File -> Save for web & devices
  2. Make sure the save type is jpg, medium quality
  3. Save to your photoshop file.
  4. Create a new blog post
  5. Click Upload/Insert above
  6. Drag your saved JPG to the box (or browse for it).
  7. Fill in the form:
  • Title: Introduction
  • Alt Text: Front.jpg
  • Caption: Photoshop Picture 1
  • Description: List all tools used (From tutorial)
  • Link URL and Alignment: Leave as is
  • Size: Full size
  1. At the bottom select Insert Into Post
Kenneth Styner Front.jpg

My First Photoshop Pic

Blog: New Year’s Day!

  1. Looking Back on Last Semester, what was one event or things you want to remember?
  2. How did school go last semester? Did it meet your expectations?  What is one thing you would change about last semester, if you could?
  3. For the next term, what are 2 things you will change to make it the best yet?
  4. Our next unit is Photoshop. Have you ever used it before?  What do you think its used for?
  5. Go to your profile on this blog, and fill in the blank parts, especially you Name, Biography, email, and avatar.

Artificial Intelligence: The Singularity

  1. Resources: If people live longer, it would follow that Earth would need more resources. Kurzweil believes that technology can extend resources. Do you share his optimism?
  2. Criticism: is the Singularity a Frankenstein-like attempt by man at playing God?
  3. Exponential Growth: is technological progress really increasing exponentially?
  4. Would you have your brain uploaded to a computer if that was possible?
  5. If computers were vastly smarter that humans, would that cause a utopian or dystopian future for humans? Explain


AI In Our Lives

See full page version

Please think and respond to the following prompts:

  • What do you think of the Turing test?  Do you think it’s a good test of AI? Why or Why not?
  • Did the Chatbots pass the Turing Test? Give two ways chatbots failed.
  • 20Q.net is a learning computer program.  What did you think about it?
  • What do you think of a self driving car?Would you ride in one? Why?
  • What do you think of Artificial intelligence? What are some examples of it around us?
  • What are 2 reasons AI could be bad for society?


Blog: Thinking about the Web

•The World Wide Web is a large Web of computer networks that share HTML files.
•How many millions or billions of Web pages are there out in cyberspace?
–You could visit a new Web page every minute of everyday for the rest of your life and never come close to reading a fraction of the available Web pages.
•While HTML has allowed people to share Web pages easily, has HTML also contributed to information overload?

Blog 4: Cyberbullying

Respond to the following prompts based on your own experience or someone you know well, such as a parent.

  • Have you or someone you know ever witnessed cyberbullying or online hate speech?Explain what happened.
  • What was the person’s  role: Target, Victim, Bystander, Upstander
  • What might they do differently if it happened again?
  • Why is it important to take action to de-escalate online cruelty whenever you witness it?

Blog 3: Avatar

October 18 2012

After you have chosen an avatar for your blog, Respond to the following prompts:

  • What is your avatar you chose for this blog.
  • How does this Avatar represent you or your interests.
  • Why do you think people chose online personae that are different from their real world persona? Give at least two reasons.


Blog 2: Growing Up Online Response

October 16

In class we saw the film “Growing Up Online”.  Respond to the film:

  • Was it a good representations of the challenges facing the internet generation?
  • What were the dangers it discussed? List as many as you can remember.
  • Are these dangers real? Do you feel these are real problems teens experience?
  • Have you or a friend ever had an experience that made you feel unsafe? Explain.
  • Do you feel your parents understand what life online is like?
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